Purchaser of this listing gets one MAXI-DWELL II ignition to fit a CB750, CB550, CB500, CB400, or CB350 Verticle Four SOHC Honda.

Maxi-Dwell IITMThis is the only ignition that is better than OEM points and better than electronic ignitions .
So powerful, it can pay for itself in the first 3 minutes!
You are looking at a New, MAXI-DWELL II High Performance point and condenser deck with built-in dynamic timing light. This MAXI-DWELL II ignition is so powerful that it is patented. Is your ignition good enough to be patented?

To see U.S. Patent No. 4,072,891, covering this ignition system: U.S. Patent No. 4,072,891

This is the only ignition that is better than both stock points and electronic ignitions. Why?

Suzuki Ignition GS1000, GS850, GS750, GS550, GS11 Built-in Dynamic Timing Light

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