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Campbell V-Twin X-Pipe

*Patented Technology.
The Campbell V Twin X-Pipe
exhaust uses advanced technology to produce more power.

* The latest style.
The Campbell V Twin X-PIPE
exhaust is distinctive. It's not your grandpa's dual or two into one system. It is a true Campbell X-PIPE exhaust.

* High velocity performance.
High exhaust gas velocity produces maximum torque. Head pipe diameter steps up to 1 3/4" maintaining high exhaust gas velocity.

* Anti-bluing technology.
Gone are the days of glowing and blue exhaust pipes. Campbell X-PIPE
technology uses exhaust heat to generate horsepower, not fry the pipes and warm the planet.

* Huge heavy heat shields are history.
Campbell's V Twin X-PIPE
exhaust not only runs cooler, it is smaller and tucked in so the rider can enjoy his bike without wrestling huge heavy heat shields.

* Silencing technology increases power, reduces weight!
Campbell's V Twin X-PIPE
exhaust produces a pure X-PIPE exhaust sound and reduces noise without heavy, power robbing mufflers.

* UPS shippable, anywhere.

* Three collector styles to choose from.

High X-PIPE exhaust

Low X-PIPE exhaust

Concealed Weapon X-PIPE exhaust

Harley Style rubber mount V-Twin, Chrome finish, $645.00

Harley Style rubber mount V-Twin, Chrome finish, $595.00

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